Working with VAST video ad

LiteAdServer provides support for VAST video ads.

Two work with VAST videos you will need basically two things:

  • Copy VAST XML URL Feed of a website zone
  • Create campaign with mp4 video which will be played in that zone


To be able to serve VAST video choose a zone in which VAST video is going to be displayed and copy VAST XML URL feed.  Zone script in the LiteAdServer can be found in the navigation of websites and zones.

Each zone can give you two types of scripts.

Standard script is used for banners, HTML ZIP files or custom scripts.

VAST XML URL Feed is a link which you need to specify in the VAST enabled video player. To get VAST XML URL Feed link open the Zone Script dialog, choose VAST tab and copy the link provided (have a look on the example below)

LiteAdServer VAST zone URL feed

VAST video ad

VAST video creative is added into campaign as all other types of ads. All you have to take a care it is added into zone which represents VAST video.

So when you are going to add creative into the campaign click the VAST button:

Dialog for adding VAST video is opened:

LiteAdServer adding VAST video adIn this screen you need to provide following information:

  • mp4 video file (or link to it) which will be displayed in the VAST enabled player
  • specify VAST version (2.0, 3.0, 4.0). If you are not sure about VAST version the version 2.0 should be fine.
  • Length of the VAST video ad

When you provide all necessary information click the OK button and your VAST ad will be added into the campaign.

Note: Using link to the video will not generate any additional charges. Uploading video will generate CDN fees according your monthly package fees.