Working with HTML ZIP Creatives

HTML ZIP Creatives are advanced type of creatives and you must have at least basic knowledge of HTML to be able to create them.

You can think of them as a small HTML website which can contain multiple HTML pages, css files, Java Script and everything which can be used when creating HTML website. Even structure of sub-folders.

So if you want to use HTML ZIP creative as a first step you need basically HTML website which will be of the same size (width x height) as the zone in which you want to display it.

When your HTML creative is ready for publishing, ZIP it and it is ready for uploading to Lite Ad Server. Open (or create) campaign which will display HTML ZIP creative and add it into corresponding Ad zone.

Following restrictions are applied for HTML ZIP files:

  • There must be index.html file. This file will actually be displayed by Lite Ad Server.
  • Maximum size of the HTML ZIP file is 5 MB. All files bigger than 5MB will not be accepted by Lite Ad Server.
  • LiteAdServer is not able to track clicks on the HTML ZIP creatives. This is your responsibility

The most common usage of HTML ZIP creatives is for:

  • video banners
  • interactive java script banners

Important note: Usage of HTML ZIP creatives will trigger CDN traffic and CDN storage fees according the pricing of your subscription package.

When displaying HTML ZIP creative Lite Ad Server will:

  • display it in the iFrame
  • display it in the size of the zone where HTML ZIP creative is served