Working with Dashboard

Lite Ad Server dashboard is place where you can get quick overview about overall performance of all your campaigns and websites.

Basically dashboard is divided into three sections:

  • Filtering – is section in which you specify what information you want to display. You can display all information or limit information to some subset of data.
  • Graph  – will give you an overview about impressions, clicks and CTR.
  • Table – data displayed in graph are numerically displayed in the table.


Period specifies time range for which you want to display statistics. You can choose one of pre-defined time range or you can choose any custom range. Default selection is Last 7 days (including current day).

Time Group specifies in which time ranges data are grouped. Default grouping is day but data can be also grouped by week or month.

Filtering by Campaign, Website, Zone

If you select for example campaign all data in the graph and table will be displayed only for selected campaign. Further on you can select there more than one campaign and see statistics for group of campaigns.

You are even able to group all three fields, campaign-website-zone, and see statistics for selected combination.

Be careful when combining e.g campaign and website. If you combine campaign with website which is not part of that campaign there will be no data. But this is actually not surprise because there are no impressions between those two as they have nothing in common.


In the graph you see graphical data displayed according a filters specified in the filtering section.

On the right side of the graph you can choose if you want to see impressions, clicks, CTR or any combination of those three. In the example above you can see impressions, clicks and CTR displayed by date.

But if you want you can also change by which information data in the graph are displayed. To achieve this change selection of the Show by selection. You can show data in the graph not only by date but also by campaign, website or zone. Have a look at the example below where data in the graph are displayed by Campaign.

When ever is graph displayed by one of: campaign, website or zone type of the graph is changed to Bar Chart.


Table is basically numerical representation of the values in the graph. It automatically displays data represented in the graph.

The table above displays data which was filtered only some of the campaigns and information in the graph was displayed by campaign.

Data in the table can be additionally sorted and filtered by clicking on the column headers.