Quick Start Guide

With Lite Ad Server you can launch you advertising campaigns with a few clicks. This tutorial will show you how to use Quick Create Campaign wizard to launch new advertising campaign.

Quick Create Campaign wizard is displayed immediately after you open your trial account or you can start it by clicking Quick Create Campaign menu item.

In the first step you need to specify website and zone where campaign will run. Create test website and create header zone with the predefined size 300×250.

To get to the next step click button Next.

In the second step you need to provide creatives which will be displayed in the selected website/zone.

Click button Banners and if you don’t have banner which you can upload you can provide following link (for the purpose of this tutorial):


After you confirm dialog your banner will appear in the list of creatives for that campaign.

Now you are ready go to the third and last step of creating campaign. Just provide name for your campaign and URL address where user should be redirected after clicking on the banner (this should be link to your product or service offer).

To create campaign click the Finish button.

Now Lite Ad Server will offer you Zone Script. This script needs to be copied into website where campaign will be displayed.
Important note: Zone scripts needs to be copied only once. You don’t need to copy it for new campaigns which will run in the same Zone.

In the case you don’t have website where you can copy Zone script for the purpose of this tutorial you can use following code snippet and save it as index.html. Do not forget to copy provided zone script into given code snippet.




Now it is enough to double click created index.html file. It will open in a web browser and your campaign (banner) will be displayed.

As you can see process of launching new ad serving campaign in Lite Ad Server is very simple and straight forward.

For more advanced setup please read our further tutorials.