Creative is advertising artefact displayed in Ad Zone. Creative is displayed to potential customers and will advertise your product, service or website.

There are different type of creatives. Lite Ad Server supports the most commonly used type of creatives:

  • Banners
  • VAST video ad
  • HTML banners
  • Custom scripts


Banners are the most commonly used type of creatives. These are just images advertising your product or service.

VAST Video Ad

VAST is video ad displayed in VAST enabled video player played before, during or at the end of the originally requested video (basically ads you can see more or less on all websites providing some videos).

To be able to use VAST with LiteAdServer all you need is to have advertising video and provide VAST link to a VAST enabled video player.

HTML Banners

HTML Banners are more advanced type of creatives. They can be actually created asĀ  a small web pages (with videos, interaction…) and then displayed in the Ad Zone. As all creatives also HTML banners are advertising your product or service. To create HTML banner one must have at least basic knowledge of HTML and CSS.

Custom Script

Custom script is java script or iFrame executing some business logic. To use custom scripts in advertising one must have advanced knowledge in programming.

One of the common use of custom scripts is to place scripts from ad servers into the web site zones.