Create Websites and Zones

To create websites and zones in the left menu choose Websites & Zones menu item.

In the right part of the screen you will see all websites. When you will have structure of websites and zones it will look somehow as on the screenshot below.

To create new website click New Website button. Dialog opens where you need to provide basic information about website.

Provide at least name of the website and optionally website URL and some note for further references. Click button Create and website will be created.  It will automatically appear in the tree and in the table.

Newly created website will be automatically selected in the navigation tree so you can specify zones of the website.

To create new zone click New Zone button.

Dialog opens where you need to provide basic information about Ad Zone.

  • Zone name – use name of the zone which will easy tell you where is that zone in the website (e.g. header, footer…).
  • Zone size – each zone must have a size. This is size of the creative (e.g. banner) which will be displayed in the zone. You can choose from the predefined zone sizes or you can specify your custom size.
  • Note – optionally provide some note for your own purposes.

To finish creating zone click Create button.

Dialog with the zone script will be displayed.

There are two possibilities for zone script.
Standard – used for standard ad zone.
VAST – this is feed which should be provided to VAST enabled video player.

If you are not sure which script you should copy then most probably you should take the standard one.

Copy provided zone script and paste it into the website in the place where ad should be displayed. If you are owner of the website you need to do that. If you are not owner of the website send provided script to the owner of the website and ask him to place provided script into place where your Ads should be displayed.

You can get Zone script also later on. So at the moment just click OK button.

New zone will be created and will be displayed in the navigation tree and in the table.

To create additional zones select website in the navigation tree and repeat the process of creating new zone.