Campaigns statistics

To check campaign statistics in the left menu choose Report -> Campaigns.

Central part of the Lite Ad Server will contain campaigns report. As you can see on the picture below campaigns report consist of navigation tree and statistics.


In the navigation tree you can navigate through the hierarchy of campaign(s). Note that each campaign must be specified for at least one website and one ad zone. If there are more websites you can navigate through them.

Below graph you can find table with data displayed in the graph.

If it is easier for you it is possible to navigate the hierarchy by clicking particular campaign in the first column of the table.

What is important to notice is that each campaign is actually hierarchy:

This means that campaigns report enables you to check statistics on the creative level.

When you select campaign in the navigation tree you will see statistics for all websites in that campaign.

When you select website in the navigation tree you will see statistics for all website’s zones of given campaign.

When you select zone you will see statistics for all creatives (banners) of given campaign, website,zone.

On the zone level you can do number of useful actions. Those actions depend on statistics you can see. You can do following:

  • Add creatives into selected zone (clicking on Banner, VAST, HTML ZIP or Custom Script buttons)
  • Remove creative from selected zone
  • Pause creative from selected zone

Remember this screen as it will be base for you A/B testing and campaign optimization.