Website and zones

Websites and zones are standard artefacts used in online publishing. Although they are widely used especially for zones different names can be used by different Ad Servers.
Here we will explain what exactly website and zone means for Lite Ad Server.


Website is as its name implies just website. It is served on unique domain (address, URL) and can be accessed by entering given domain.
So the rule to make decision if you need one or more websites is if these websites are running on different domains. and are two different websites.

Ad Zone

To correctly handle advertising it is very important to understand what actually is Ad Zone.
Zone is a unique place on a website where creative (e.g. banner) will be displayed. If you want to display two or more banners these are not representing two zones. It is just one zone where multiple banners will be displayed.

So rule is very simple. Place where one or more banners will be displayed is Ad Zone.

On Internet you can find different names for Ad Zones and just some of them are: Ad Space, Banner Space…