Advanced Create Campaign

Advanced Create Campaign wizard should be used if you know that you need at least one of the following features for your Lite Ad Server campaign:

  • displaying campaign in more than one website or zone
  • targeting campaign by one of the supported targeting attributes like: country, region, city, device type, mobile operator, …..
  • specify schedule when campaign will run
  • limit  number of impressions for the whole campaign and/or limit number of impressions on daily level

To start Advanced Create Campaign Wizard in the left menu choose Campaigns menu item.

In the details pane which will open to start Advanced Create Campaign Wizard click Advanced Create button.

Wizard will start and the first step of the wizard is displayed.

In the first step you need to provide:

  • Name – unique name of the campaign
  • Target URL – specify URL where user should be redirected after click on banner. Please note to select correct protocol: http or https. If you are in doubt about protocol http should work in all cases.
  • Enabled – you campaign will be active immediately after creation. If you don’t want that uncheck this check box
  • Note – optional note

When you have provided all the information click Next button.

Second step of the wizard opens. In this step you need to select websites/zones where you want to display creatives for this campaign and also provide creatives which will be displayed.

On the left side of the wizard you can see tree with the structure of websites and zones. Expand the tree and select zone in which you want to display creatives (banners, VAST video ad, html banners or custom scripts).

Depending on your needs you can add one or more banners, VAST video ads, HTML ZIP files or custom scripts. Click on the corresponding button and provide data according to the information in dialog which will open.

CDN usage fees may apply:

If you will use just links to a creatives (banners, mp4 videos, images) there will be no CDN usage fees.

In the case you upload banner, mp4 video for VAST ad, HTML ZIP or use custom script CDN usage fees will be applied according to the pricing of your monthly plan.

If you add more than one creative Lite Ad Server will display all of the creatives evenly so you will be able to track CTR of each banner and thus thanks to A/B testing improve the performance of your campaign.

After you have added creatives in all zones which should be part of this campaign click Next button to open third and the last step of the wizard.

In this step you are able to specify Targeting, Schedule and Impression limits of Lite Ad Server campaign.

In the Targeting section you can specify number of conditions when campaign should display ads. If given conditions will not be met no creative from campaign will be displayed.

Any Lite Ad Server campaign you can target by following attributes:

  • Country
  • Region
  • City
  • Device Type
  • Connection Type
  • Operator/Carrier
  • Browser
  • OS

In the Schedule section you can specify

  • Start date and end date of a campaign
  • Week days and hours when campaign will be active


In the Impressions limit section you can limit the overall number of impressions and daily limit of impressions. Additionally you can split daily impressions evenly thorough out the whole day.